This book, Prohibited Profits, shares how you can learn from history and

gives you proven modern day strategies to capture wealth and secure a fortune

that will outlive you and your ancestors.

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In this book I detail why the money system is broken, why their is a financial reset coming and how to own your own money!


Inside are 9 explosive chapters on how to transform your wealth forever!


Understand that 1% of the population holds 98% of the wealth.

Chapter 1: Prohibited profits 

Whether you are an accredited investor new to investment, or have just wanted to find a way to capitalize on modern shifts in wealth during these difficult times.  You already know how hard, yet important it is to stay notified and up to date on relevant data, make decisions without emotions and be able to practically predict the future.

Most people already know that 1% of the population holds 98% of the wealth. There are only a few opportunities in each lifetime, to join those ranks.  Prohibited Profits is not a new age concept and it has nothing to do with Cryptocurrency, Seth’s current favorite opportunity. In fact, these patterns have shaped our economy forever. Banking regulations, alcohol prohibition, Cannabis prohibition, startup investing, cryptocurrency and eventually psilocybin.

We are currently living through the biggest financial reset in United States history. The federal reserve is printing Trillions of dollars to prop up the economy and that has created a BIG problem.


Let’s say you have a 401K, you’ve started an investment account, chased trends, hired mentors, hit consistent growth and diversified your portfolio, yet still feel like you are missing the biggest opportunities in the marketplace. 

Maybe you’ve hit the average 10-12% stock market gains but still feel like you are not on path to reaching generational financial freedom. There are an abundance of financial advisors and investment gurus in the marketplace that are government regulated to give you specific answers. Maybe you have money to invest, but don’t have the time to do the research to find the right opportunities with the most upside. There is over $15 trillion in the stock market and most of those opportunities are limited in upside.

Work a 9-5, start a 401K, retire at 65 and live on 40% of your income for the rest of your life. If that is your idea of financial freedom, this book is NOT for you.  I was in a similar position myself, working 80 hour weeks in corporate America, on the road for most of those weeks. One day, I realized that I was missing out on watching my children grow up. I knew there had to be a better way.

After spending time in the traditional markets, I recognized the problem happening with our governments fiat system. I saw the Prohibited Profits opportunity and cashed out my retirement accounts, investing into Bitcoin

"Highly recommended!! Seth has the schooling, 20+years experience and knowledge of trading that makes his clients money.. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with crypto currency trading!!!"

- Kevin Deniz

Chapter 3: the prohibited profits process

Until now, Seth has protected his proprietary 10-point PROHIBITED PROFITS checklist. In his new book, Seth shares his process on how he locates opportunities years before they are mainstream.

He also shares how to spot 1000% upside opportunities, how to take advantage of them, how to reduce risk, planning for exits and most importantly, how to KEEP more of your hard earned money!


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